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Air Charter the Embraer E190

Consider the E190 for your next group air charter! The 98-passenger Embraer E190 is a member of a new family of commercial jets which have been developed by Embraer of Brazil. The other aircraft in the family include the 70-passenger Embraer 170, 78-passenger Embraer 175 and 108-passenger Embraer 195. The 170/190 regional jet family was developed through a partnership programme involving major aerospace contractors. Main system suppliers, Liebherr of Germany, Sonaca of Belgium and C&D of the USA, have set up subsidiary operations in Brazil to establish local production. Digital modelling and virtual reality have been used extensively in the design of the aircraft. The aircraft is of conventional low wing design and has two podded engines mounted below the wings. The wings are fitted with winglets, which reduce the drag of the wing vortex and provide increased lift and improved efficiency of the wing. The Japanese company Kawasaki supplied the wing stubs, flaps and spoilers, control surfaces and leading and trailing edges.

The aircraft has an all-moving tailplane. Gamesa of Spain supplies the rear fuselage section and vertical and horizontal tail surfaces.

The radome and forward fuselage are manufactured by Embraer, the centre fuselage is by Embraer and Latecoere, the rear fuselage by Gamesa and the tailcone by Hamilton Sundstrand.

The aircraft features a double bubble type, rather than circular cross section fuselage. This provides a larger cabin width (2.53m at floor level and 2.74m at shoulder level) and easier access to the overhead baggage bins. The height within the passenger cabin is 2.00m. The interior cabin was designed by US company C&D Interiors and seats 98 passengers in a centre-aisle, four-abreast configuration. At long-range cruise speed and with 98 passengers, the Embraer 190 has a maximum range of 4,260km, providing the capability to operate between city pairs such as Dallas to Bogota, Paris to Moscow, Hong Kong to Bombay and Brasilia to Santiago.
The field performance enables the aircraft to operate at restriction-sensitive airports located in strategic places such as Santos-Dumont, Florence and London City Airports.

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