Aviation White Glove Service for Over 25 Years!

Aviation White Glove Service

Aviation White Glove Service continues in 2016 with Le Bas International

The “Golden Years of Aviation” included Pan Am’s “Clippers” that were built for “one-class” luxury air travel, a necessity given at the time for long duration of transoceanic flights. The flying boat airliner dominated international airline service in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Although aerodynamically less efficient than streamlined land planes, flying boats could provide scheduled passenger service to any city with a sheltered harbor, which made them the ideal international airliner at a time when runways capable of handling large aircraft were scarce. For most travelers in the 21st century, flying is a dreary experience, full of inconvenience, indignity, and discomfort that is far distant from what is considered aviation white glove service! That wasn’t the case in the late 1930’s, when those with the money to afford trans-oceanic flight got to take the Boeing Model 314, better known as the Clipper. Even Franklin Roosevelt used the plane, celebrating his 61st birthday on board. Between 1938 and 1941, Boeing built 12 of the jumbo planes for Pan American World Airways.The 314 offered a range of 3,500 miles — enough to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific —and room for 74 passengers on board.

Of course, modern aviation offers an amazing first class experience (and it’s a whole lot safer), but nothing in the air today matches the romanticism of crossing the ocean in the famed Clipper. The “Golden Years of Aviation” continues with today’s superior flight safety and aviation white glove service provided by Le Bas International for over 25 years!

Chartering a aircraft is as simple as making a phone call. Private jet charter or leasing is designed to be secure, private and exclusively dedicated to meet the individual personal or professional global needs.

In today’s world, air travel is geared toward transit transportation. With the exception of very few main stay-first class airlines, premium clients are unable to enjoy the quantities provided by the world’s airlines in years past.

When considering an on-demand private jet services, the client becomes the decision-maker:

  • The client set the schedule based on needs or changing circumstances.
  • The client choose the aircraft type (small, medium, large business jet or a commercial airliner), the level of comfort and the amenities wanted on board.
  • The client travel by themselves, with friends or colleagues – it’s the clients choice.
  • The client selects departure and arrival points, taking into consideration the use of exclusive private terminals designed specially for executive aircraft.
  • The client’s privacy is assured.

The mission of today’s professional broker is to offer clients unbiased expertise and value.

Now you have taken a step to control your private charter desires, which is backed by the worldwide team at Le Bas International. Our specialists are here to help you make the right decisions. Our website is therefore designed to facilitate that process. It is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us for aviation white glove service!




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