Air Charter the New Cessna Latitude Mid-Size Private Jet


The Cessna Latitude project was announced by Cessna at the annual NBAA convention in October 2011. It was launched as a larger aircraft than the Cessna Citation XLS+ and cheaper than the Cessna Citation Sovereign on which it is based. The aircraft seats 9, and features twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D turbofan engines. The Citation Latitude features a cruciform tail and all metal fuselage.

This is Cessna’s first super-midsize aircraft, offering virtually the same cabin cross-section as the ill-starred Hawker 4000. Rather than using composites, though, Cessna developed a new aluminum alloy fuselage for the Latitude and mated it to the CE-680 Sovereign+’s wing, engines and most systems. The low-risk derivative has been on a fast track development scheduled since it was announced at the 2011 NBAA Convention.

First flight was in February 2014, and since then, two test aircraft have flown more than 600 flights and 1,550 hr. Now, 90% of certification work is complete and it’s on track for second quarter 2015 type certification as the Model 680A. Structural efficiency is this aircraft’s strong suit. The super mid fuselage increases empty weight by less than 350 lb. compared to the Sovereign+. That’s even more impressive as cabin pressurization has been increased to 9.7 psi, providing a 6,000-ft. cabin at FL 450, the aircraft’s maximum cruise altitude.

The Latitude’s lean empty weight allows it to carry five passengers with full fuel with only a 25-lb. increase in max ramp and max takeoff weights. So, it preserves the Sovereign+’s power and wing loading, enabling it to provide virtually the same class-leading airport performance and impressive climb capability. The Latitude’s stellar short-field performance will enable it to use considerably more small general aviation airports, many of which are sited closer to the business locations being served. The Latitude has the most commodious cabin of any Citation yet. The 10 cabin windows are 25% larger in area than those of any previous Citation. Six individual chairs in the main seating area offer super-midsize cabin comfort. There is also a two-place, side-facing divan across from the main entry door and a full-time occupancy seat in the lavatory across from the commode. To charter the Citation Latitude, contact the aviation professionals at Le Bas International for a free charter quote!

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