The Citation Longitude – A Revolution in Corporate Aviation

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Corporate Aviation Solutions

The Citation Longitude – a revolution in corporate aviation. No super-midsize business jet gives you more range, greater payload or higher cruise speed at a lower total ownership cost. Providing the lowest cabin altitude and quietest interior in its class, more standard features, and a comfortable cabin with a superior fit and finish, the Citation Longitude will revolutionize your business travel.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the future of this larger Citation family. The debut of the Longitude has been highly anticipated among prospective customers, industry observers and our Textron Aviation team members,” said Scott Ernest, president and CEO, Textron Aviation, “Driven by customer input, the Longitude combines the ideal mix of performance, cabin comfort and industry leading technology. And, along with the Citation’s proven design and dependability, the Longitude is designed to revolutionize the super-midsize segment.”

Cessna’s Citation Longitude will feature a fuselage 7 inches shorter and 6 inches narrower than the discontinued Citation Columbus project. The Citation Longitude with feature 31 feet of flat-floor space, providing significantly greater levels of comfort and space inside the cabin. More significantly, the Longitude has a conventional aluminum monocoque fuselage that’s adapted from the Latitude. Further, the Latitude fuselage has been stretched and reinforced to accommodate another row of seats in the cabin, so that it seats eight people in double club rather than six passengers. The Longitude also gets a new aft fuselage that’s designed to accommodate its 7,550-lb.-thrust Honeywell HTF 7000-series turbofans, the most powerful engines ever fitted to a Citation. The advanced cabin management system will give passengers the ability to use touch-screen control panels providing a fully interactive experience.

The Citation Longitude will feature digital inputs and Wi-Fi, with further options for satellite radios, blu-ray players, external cameras and high speed internet connections. For more information about the Citation Longitude, contact the aviation professionals at Le Bas International 24/7 at:
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