Introducing a one of a kind Boeing 787 private, sophisticated Dream Jet.



Charter the New Dream Jet!

Since 1990, Le Bas International has arranged aircraft charters for some of the world’s leading musical artists and groups; from renowned composers and philharmonic orchestras, to domestic and international tours for some of your favorite pop, classic rock, alternative, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, electric alternative and rap artists.  It’s our specialty to synchronize aircraft and crews with the most difficult of itineraries to meet the highest of demands.

Following our tradition of being a world leader in the air charter industry, we would be delighted to help arrange to charter this this one of a kind Hong Kong based Boeing 787 private, sophisticated Dream Jet.


This unique aircraft configured in 40 luxurious seats was designed by French designer Jacques Plerreje over a two and a half year period to create this aerospace masterpiece. Pleasantries include a spacious lounge and dinning room, master bedroom, dressing room, en-suite bathroom, and a partitioned guest seating area complimented by an AirSky kitchen designed to accommodate the most sophisticated taste.

With its astonishing 17 hour range (15,789 km), and hand picked crew, the Dream Jet is able to accommodate intricate itineraries.

Your world awaits you – how may we be of service?

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