Emergency Private Air Charter

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Whether you live in the Gulf Coast and your governor has just declared a state of emergency, or you are enjoying a family vacation in the Caribbean and  need to evacuate quickly, Le Bas International can help.  When it comes to evacuating for a hurricane or tropical storm two things are important to us -your safety,  and getting your private charter in the air as soon as possible. When you try to evacuate by a commercial flight there might be delays or cancellations due to the influx of travelers and limited flights departing due to approaching storm system set to  make landfall near your destination. We can book you a charter for any number of passengers including large family, travel groups and even pets.Family emergency air charter

Family emergency air charter

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Key Benefits Of A Emergency Air Charter:

  • Avoid turmoil at major airports
  • Enjoy a more timely evacuation
  • Reduce the risk of flight delays
  • Pet travel
  • Groups of family and friends can sit together

Emergency Air Cargo Charter

At Le Bas International not only do we provide emergency air charter for those evacuating from a hurricane, we also provide emergency cargo charter services to support response teams. We have worked with a variety of humanitarian relief agencies, governments, and other private agencies to deliver supplies, equipment, food, and water for hurricane victims. Our air cargo specialist are available 24 hours to set up time sensitive cargo charters outside of normal business hours and for anywhere in the world that requires assistance.

Emergency Air cargo charter
Emergency Air cargo charter

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When you book an emergency air charter with Le Bas International, whether it’s for a personal private charter or an air cargo charter, you are choosing a company who has thirty years of experience, puts your safety first , and is available 24 hours to book your last minute private or cargo charter.

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