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Group Air Charter Services

Le Bas International is an industry leading air charter broker with over 25 years of experience specializing in providing group air charter services to clientele who need to move large groups of passengers and an airliner to accomplish their air transportation goals. Le Bas analyzes each group’s particular private air travel needs and works closely with their clients to arrange a customized air charter transportation solution. With global access to the finest charter airlines, Le Bas can meet any requirement, anywhere in the world. Le Bas International Group Air Charter Specialization includes:

Personnel Logistics  

Organizations transport key personnel all over the globe, moving workers to where they are needed when they are needed. Whether it’s to a remote site far not accessible to scheduled airlines’ routes, or to meet a time-sensitive project, Le Bas has met the logistical demands of many organizations.

Emergency Response

Our 24/7 aviation specialists respond to emergencies around the globe, organizing emergency aircraft after natural disasters, political unrest or corporate crises. With many years of experience in coordinating evacuation flights and emergency airlift, Le Bas can react quickly with access to a global network of aircraft.

Entertainment Industry (Music and Film)

Le Bas is an industry leader providing air charter service to the Music and Entertainment industry since 1990. Our specialists have coordinated flight schedules for world tours as well as arranged promotional tours.


Le Bas has organized numerous private jet tours for sports teams, supporters or executive and corporate sponsors to leading sporting events around the world. Contact us to air charter to this year’s biggest sports event at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!


For over 25 years, Le Bas International has successfully completed hundreds of air charters for private events, exhibitions, conferences, rewards and incentives, corporate meetings, and product launches.

Le Bas’ Group Air Charter Specialists will provide a truly memorable experience managed by your own account representative with customized check-in arrangements enabling you to pick precise times, dates of flights baggage requirement as well as choose from a vast range of branding, catering and service options. Contact us today and our aviation specialists will promptly find the most suitable air charter service solution to meet your needs.

Global reach. Personal touch. 

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