Gulfstream 150 – Fast, Comfortable, and Reliable!

Gulfstream 150

Gulfstream 150

The Gulfstream 150 flies farther at higher Mach speed than any other midsize business aircraft, and does so with one of the lowest direct operating costs per hour in its class, all while consistently maintaining an annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) dispatch-reliability rating higher than 99.8 percent.

Inside, an oval-shaped cabin provides ample head and shoulder room for up to eight passengers. In the cockpit, advanced flight-deck technology assures a smooth, safe ride. At Gulfstream, that’s The World Standard™. Powered by two fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines, the G150 offers the best performance in its class with a range of 3,000 nm/5,556 km. This popular air charter aircraft comfortably accommodates six to eight passengers.The wide cabin features stand-up headroom, ample aisle space and generous seated headroom and legroom.

Start the day early in New York, and be in Los Angeles for lunch. In the Gulfstream 150, a coast-to-coast trip is less than six hours nonstop at Mach 0.80.

With a maximum range of 3,000 nautical miles/5,556 kilometers at Mach 0.75, the G150 is one of the few aircraft in its class to reliably fly from California to Hawaii nonstop. The G150 is just as effective reaching other parts of the world. London to Bahrain, Caracas to Buenos Aires and Moscow to Casablanca are nonstop flights. Even at normal cruise of Mach 0.80, the G150 has a range of 2,600 nm/4,815 km.

Private air travel maximizes the effectiveness of every business minute. The Gulfstream 150’s impressive range assures the added advantage of reaching farther destinations at faster speeds, and does so while still providing one of the lowest direct operating costs in its class.

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