Gulfstream Business Jet In-Flight Productivity Tools

Gulfstream Business Jet

Be among the first to experience the aviation renaissance ushered in by Gulfstream Aerospace. The bold new Gulfstream G500 and G600 introduced the world to new flight deck technology, new levels of cabin comfort and new in-flight productivity tools that illustrate why Gulfstream business jet is renowned as the world’s most advanced corpaircraft.

Leverage the convenience of a connected Gulfstream business jet cabin. Be connected wherever you fly. Smart technology built into the on-board router helps you make the most of your time on-board.

Surf the web, catch up on emails or watch a video. Stay connected in the air, much like you would in your home or office. Gulfstream offers connectivity solutions customized to your needs.

It all comes down to saving time, which means saving money.

Less Time On The Ground

It starts on the way to the airport. Small jets don’t need the huge runways and staffs offered by major airports, so they can fly out of smaller spots.

There are many more minor airports than major ones, so you often don’t have to travel as far to get to one. And they’re less congested, making the experience more pleasant.

You don’t have to deal with the TSA or long check-in lines, so you can you arrive at airport minutes, not hours, in advance. That’s time, money, and aggravation saved. And when you get off, your bags are thrown right into your car, so there’s no time spent at the baggage carousel.

Plus, you fly when you want. Flying commercial, Cass said, “we adjust our schedule to meet the needs of the airline.” In the sphere of private aviation, it’s the other way around.

A Faster Trip

Private flights aren’t tied to the same hub and spoke networks used by airlines, so if your plane has enough fuel capacity to reach your destination, you’ll go direct which saves time!

Private jets are usually designed to climb faster than airliners, so they’re above weather sooner and they usually fly faster, too.
Commercial jets cruise around 35,000 feet; smaller jets typically fly higher. That puts them above the traffic, so their routes are more direct — they don’t compete with bigger planes for space. The extra flexibility lets the jets capture better winds and avoid adverse weather, too.

Privacy In the Air To Get Work Done

On top of moving faster and wasting less time, it’s easier to get work done in the air when you’re alone. Even in first or business class it can be difficult to have confidential conversations, because you don’t know who may be around.

A recent survey by the National Business Aviation Association. Respondents rated themselves as 20% more productive while on company aircraft than in the office. Their counterparts flying commercial reported a 40% drop in productivity.

Organizations spend tens of millions to buy their own jets instead of putting employees on commercial fights knowing that it’s not about creature comforts. It’s about saving time and money. For more information on aircraft charter, leasing, or sales contact the aviation professionals at Le Bas International available 24/7 at:
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