Incentive Travel and Group Air Charter Solutions with Le Bas International

Le Bas International has been providing Incentive Travel and Group Air Charter Solutions for over 28 years!

What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is business-related travel that is designed to provide motivation or incentives to help business people become more successful. Incentive travel is business travel that helps motivate employees or partners to increase certain activity or to reach a goal. Incentive Travel Programs are a motivational tool to enhance productivity or achieve business objectives in which participants earn a reward based on a specific level of achievement set forth by management. Many top Fortune 1000 organizations provide incentive travel and group air charter programs designed to recognize earners for their achievements and Le Bas International has been proud to provide group air charter solutions for top organizations worldwide!

For many decades, managers and business owners have used the promise of travel to appealing or exotic destinations as a motivational tool for both their internal staff and their partners. Over the last half century there have been a great many research-based methodologies and best practices developed around incentive travel with an entire industry of professionals that exists with the expertise to use incentive travel as a motivational tool inside organizations. There has been a lot of positive research completed on Incentive Travel and the value it provides organizations and can be viewed by clicking the following links:

The Long-Term Impact of Incentive Travel in An Insurance Company

Does Incentive Travel Improve Sales Productivity?

Organizational Benefits of Incentive Travel and Group Air Charter

In the link below a study provides a list of a number of organizational benefits, including positive organizational culture and climate, and it outlined the benefits to the communities that the travel program served.

Anatomy Of a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Arranging Incentive Travel and Group Air Charter Solutions

A high-end travel experience can create a lasting memory that will be talked about and shared by participants that can motivate future performance. Le Bas International has been assisting travel managers, planners and business owners of top organizations for over 28 years with incentive travel and group air charter solutions. Contact us 24/7 to speak to one of our aviation professionals for a free consultation or quote by calling us at +1.805.593.0510 or by email at You may also complete an online air charter quote request by clicking this link.

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