Private Jet Safety with New Aircraft Technology

Private Jet Safety is Paramount at Le Bas International

Le Bas International has been providing their clients with the newest aircraft featuring the latest private jet safety technology such as found in the new HondaJet.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. We consider the following items when we book a trip on your behalf.


On-demand air charter carriers must hold an FAA certificate, or foreign equivalent, authorizing the provision of the service. We hold copies of these certificates / licenses on file, as well as operational specifications.


We book trips with carriers who have direct operational control of their aircraft. We do not book trips with carriers who attempt to outsource the operation, or do not have their own certificate / license. (The latter happens when so-called carriers berth aircraft on someone else’s certificate but attempt to maintain “control” of the booking process, a big no-no with us.)
Flight safety is top priority with Le Bas International.


Good carriers carry adequate insurance! Typically, a carrier will insure aircraft as follows; piston $10m, turboprop $25m, light or mid size jet $50-150m, large cabin jet $300m and airliners $1b. If we see an exception to these norms we will tell you. (Insurance amounts tend to be less in Europe and developing countries.) Every carrier we work with must provide proof of adequate insurance. We hold copies of these insurance documents on file.

Flight Crew

Good carriers employ crews with plenty of experience. Jet captains should have a minimum of 4,000 hours flying with at least 100 hours on the type, while turboprop captains should have 2000 flying and 50 on type. Pilot information is available upon request.


In addition to governmental authority to operate, many carriers now carry third party operator / aircraft / crew audit ratings with companies as Wyvern and ARG/US. This information is available at additional cost. For more information visit us at

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