ACMI – Aircraft Leasing at Your Disposal Worldwide

ACMI – Aircraft Leasing Solutions with Le Bas International! Established in 1990, Le Bas International’s comprehensive management team has a worldwide infrastructure to meet our global clientele’s ACMI requirements. Aircraft leases are leases used by airlines and other aircraft operators. Airlines lease … Read More

Le Bas International Celebrates 28 Years of Air Charter Service!

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Le Bas International reached a milestone this month celebrating its 28th year of air charter service! Le Bas International has been a purveyor of air charter offering Corporate and Group Charter Services, Airline and Aircraft Leasing Services, and Cargo Transportation Services. The company has offices located in … Read More

The New Phenom 100 EV Private Jet by Embraer Executive Jets

Introducing the Phenom 100 EV Private Jet by Embraer A touch more phenomenal – improved performance, more speed, faster climb. Embraer Executive Jets introduced the latest evolution of the Phenom 100—the Phenom 100 EV at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on July … Read More

Embraer Legacy 450 – Aviation Technology for Business Productivity!

Business Jets for Time Management The Legacy 450 is a mid-size business jet launched by Embraer in April 2008, the first with their size with a flat-floor stand-up cabin and fly-by-wire. Embraer Business Jets also includes the longer 500, which … Read More

HondaJet Takes Flight! New Business Jet Option

Business Jet Developed by Honda The Honda HA-420 HondaJet is the first business jet developed by Honda Aircraft Company. The light business jet was designed in Japan and then developed is manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States. Honda … Read More

Gulfstream 150 – Fast, Comfortable, and Reliable!

Gulfstream 150 The Gulfstream 150 flies farther at higher Mach speed than any other midsize business aircraft, and does so with one of the lowest direct operating costs per hour in its class, all while consistently maintaining an annual National … Read More