TBM 930 – World’s Fastest Single Turboprop Aircraft!

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TBM 930

Daher today unveiled this month the expanded range of its very fast turboprop aircraft family, which now consists of the TBM 900 and 930 version – each of which retain the performance and technical features that have made the TBM 900 a business aviation success. In 2014, the TBM 900 was introduced as an improved version of their TBM 850 with 26 modifications including winglets, a redesigned air intake and a 5-blade propeller, for better aerodynamics and performance. Maximum cruise speed was increased to 330 kn at 64 US gallons per hour with a range of 1,730 nm (with 45-minute standard IFR reserves) using long-range cruise speed is capable at 250 kn while burning 30 gph or 1,585 nmi at 290 kn while burning 35 gph. Daher has introduced the e-copilot© function on Model Year 2016 aircraft for both the TBM 900 and 930, incorporating systems and functionality for reduced pilot workload as reviewed in this video.

TBM History

According to Wikipedia (2016), in the early 1980s, the Mooney Aircraft  of Kerrville, Texas designed a six-seat pressurized light aircraft powered by a single 360 hp (268 kW) piston engine, the Mooney 301, which made its maiden flight on 7 April 1983. Mooney was purchased by French owners in 1985, which resulted in talks between Mooney and the French company SOCATA to build a turboprop derivative of the 301. The result of these discussions was the TBM 700, which was much heavier than the 301 with more than twice the power, with a joint venture, TBM International, being set up in June 1987 between Mooney and Socata’s parent company Aerospatiale to design and build the new aircraft. In the designation TBM, “TB” stands for Tarbes, the city in France in which Socata is located, the “M” stands for Mooney.

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